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Join us for our LIVE STREAM on Canvas TV...

AMAZING LIVE ENTERTAINMENT - straight into your living room!


CANVAS TV presents...

The return of .. RADIO ROMANTIC!!

If you love 80's Pop, Ska & New Wave..The Human League, Blondie, Madness, Billy Idol, A-Ha, Belinda Carlisle, Soft Cell etc.. you're gonna LOVE this extremely talented trio featuring Joe Sunday (Winner of the National Tribute Awards 2017 and 2018) the incredibly talented singer and bass player Ruth Mills and Miles on keyboard.

After the show DJ Dizzy Dubfire will be playing her legendary mix of 70's, 80's & 90's anthems and classics until 11pm!

The LAST EVER Live Stream will go 'live' at 8pm and the show commences 8.30pm.

To view for FREE please visit...
Canvas TV Live Youtube



Q & A


Can I watch my Live Stream on my smart TV?
Of course! Cast your stream to your TV with Apple Airplay or your Mirroring provider.


Can I watch the Live Stream on more than one device?

Yes - the Live Stream will work on one device or more devices on your home network sharing the same IP Address.


What's the best way to ensure good streaming quality?

We recommend being on a Wi-Fi network for the best streaming experience, and you'll need internet speeds of at least 10 Mbps, with 15 to 20 Mbps being ideal.

I can't see the Live Stream?

This can happen due to older devices and browsers not supporting the video player. Please use the most current device you have. Also, make sure you press the "play" button, in the bottom left hand corner of your screen if your stream does not automatically start auto-play.

I can't hear anything?

This is likely due to the video starting on mute if autoplayed. Our streams mostly automatically start with the volume muted so you can select the volume that is most comfortable for you. Clicking the muted volume button, in the lower left hand corner of the video player or raising the volume usually solves this problem.

I wasn't able to watch the Live Stream, can I get a refund?

Live Stream events will have the same refund policies as our live events. If you couldnt view it for genuine reasons, please contact us. If technical problems arise beyond our control that prevent us or interrupt us from streaming, then the following will apply... Within 15 minutes - 100% refund Within 30 minutes - 50% refund After 30 minutes - 25% refund After 1 hour - no refund

Thank you as ever for your support, we'll do our best to have a great 'stay at home' party and we'll see you
LIVE on Saturday!!